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  • Customized Music Box

  • Engraved Notebook

  • To Granddaughter
  • To My Daughter Volleyball

  • Best Thing Ever Happened To ME
  • To My Dad

  • Best Gift For Father's Day!
  • To Dear Mom

  • Engraved Metal Wrist Watch

Customized Music Box

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Engraved Notebook

To Granddaughter Shop Now

To My Daughter Volleyball

Best Thing Ever Happened To ME Get Yours Here

To My Dad

Best Gift For Father's Day! Customize Yours Today!

To Dear Mom

Engraved Metal Wrist Watch Customize Here

Reviews From our customers

I purchased 2 watches in November, when I received both of them in 10days, I realized I made a mistake on one of the watch. I wanted one for my son, but it is the one for dad. I contacted them via email. Their customer service responded right way with both email and phone call. She helped me picked out the right watch I wanted and emailed me the return label for me to send the previous watch back. The new watch arrived in 3 business day. Thank you so much for the extrodinary customer service. 

Katie S.

I customized a watch for my son. I thought it would take forever to get it done! Surprisingly, I got an email literally an hour after I placed order. Their customer service Jenny emailed me to confirm the sayings I would like to engrave on my watch. In the next 2 hours, we worked on 2 different drafts and finally confirm the final design. And on the same evening, I got an email notification that my package is on the way. I never had any website that could respond the customization so fast. Thank you so much, the way your company take care customer is priceless. Thanks. 

Jimmy D.

During xmas season, I was looking for the customized gift for my dad. I ordered a wooden watch, and it arrived in 3 business days with priority shipping, everything was fine, until I realized the buckle part was bit loose. I contacted their customer service, they send me a new one before I even send the old one back. Their way of handling customer satisfaction is great. I send back the old one with their return label after I got my new watch. 

Stef H.

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