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1 Thing You Definitely Dont Know about Beiby Bamboo

One thing I did not know was my blog's link already published on my Facebook page before I even made my blog page visible on my website.
Well, I had previous article talking about the 5 reasons why I started Beiby Bamboo. And some of you might already see this unfinished article through the link automatically posted on Facebook few days ago. Yes, you are right. We are not just a matching outfits online store!
Thats also the main reason why I opened this blog to record the journey of Beiby Bamboo-my third child to delivery the important message. It needs a lot of attention and guidelines at this stage. But as you design your business, you put your thoughts in it, you give it life. The business is not just selling merchandises. It actually stand for something, just like each of us, we are born for a reason, some of you might figured all out what is your purpose in your life, some of you might still lost, but as a single human being, we all have a purpose to fulfill in this life.
Beiby Bamboo is a voice of people from different culture, different part of the world, different point of views, try to find their true matches in their lives. Some might easy to find what they want, some just have hard time to figure out what they really want. No matter which stage you currently at, as long as you keep an open mind, with an open heart, someday, I believe you will figure out what you want and who you want to be. Beiby Bamboo is a platform to encourage those who already found their true match to share their stories, at the same time, it also empower those who is still out there searching and trying to find their destiny. Do not give up!
As we are a little family with mixed culture, I am 100% Chinese, my husband is 100% American, our girls are mixed babies. We like to try different things, food, clothes, languages. We encourage our kids to try things that they interested in. I want to show them where I am come from as they are born in United States, I want them to learn Chinese, so they can understand the history of my country. There are so many kids just like my girls, they are multilingual, born to learn both mom and dad's side culture. It is interesting to see how each family is different and how we raise our kids under different culture influence.
Is your spouse from different country? Any family members come from different culture? Please contact me if you would like to share your story, and please comment on my post about how you see the mixed culture family around you. Thank you!

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