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Beiby Bamboo's 1st Big Announcement in 2018

Hope you all had a great time celebrating Christmas and New Year with your family and friends! I hope some of you did your 2018 Resolutions as well! Today I am going to make one of Beiby Bamboo's New Year Resolution happen today.
As I mentioned, Beiby Bamboo is a platform for the mix culture couples or families to share their stories of how they met, what are the best things or difficulties you learnt or acknowledged from people has different culture background, thus to empower those people who are dating mix culture person, or the family has mix culture members to understand each other better.
I already have few couples that willing to sharing their stories through Beiby Bamboo. To make you understand better of what you are going to expect, here are a list of things that you will know from each story they share.
1. Introduction
Names( does not need be exactly name for Privacy Reasons), years married or dated, if have kids together, please note how many children you have and their ages, both you and your spouse or partners nationality.
2. A brief story of how you two met, whats the most attractive thing or things you found on each other?
3. Share the most difficult thing or things that you found when you living or dating some one from different culture as yours?
4. Share the best thing or things that you realized when you living or dating some one from different culture?
5. If you married a person from different culture, what is the most difficult thing happen to you in your daily life? also what is the best thing happen to you?
6. For the family who adopted the babies from the different culture, why you wanted to adopt the babies that from different culture? And what are some difficulties when you raising them?
7. If you have kid or kids, any special expectations you have for those mix babies or those babies you adopted from different cultures? What are some of your worries for your mix babies if you have any.
8. What are the advices you would give to the people who is dating some one from different culture or the mix culture couples out there?
9. A picture of you and your spouse, or partner, if you married with kids, a picture of your family.
All the stories shared by individuals, couples, you will be able to find them on Beiby Bamboo blog, and Facebook and Instagram pages. Any one who want to reuse the story for other purposes, has to get the permissions from Beiby Bamboo and the individuals or the couples who shared their stories through Beiby Bamboo. If there is anything you would like to add or something you feel is too private, please let me know.
Dear reader, if you are the one who is dating or married a person from different culture and you would like to share your stories, please comment on my post or contact me by, I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you!

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