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Beiby Bamboo's 1st Story Shared By John And Amy From UK

John is one of my old friend back to maybe 10 years ago. When I launched my website, I did a product promotion, and he was really supportive and said he would definitely purchase clothes from my website when his little one comes in the future. Later I talked to him about the idea of sharing stories from mix culture couples or families, because personally I know it is not easy when you communicate or live in a place which is not your home country, relationship could be really hard if you do not know where your loved one 's culture. John was really supportive again and said him and his wife already have some interesting facts that they want to share.
After few days, below is the letter I received from them plus a very cute picture of them. Let's read their stories and maybe you have some interesting facts you want to share. Please email me by:
1. Introduction
John and Amy, London, United Kingdom.
Married 1 year, together 3 years.
John is Scottish and Amy is South Korean.
2. A brief story of how you two met, whats the most attractive thing or things you found on each other?
John: We me
t at a wedding in Korea, we kept in touch and when Amy moved to London to learn English a few months later, we started dating. Amy had a really lovely smile and as we talked during the wedding dinner, she was really charming and funny too.
Amy: When I met John I thought he was like sunshine, he had a really stunning smile. I couldn't believe that kind of person exists in this world and I was shocked! I though that it's a very warm feeling.
3. Share the most difficult thing or things that you found when you living or dating some one from different culture as yours?
John: When you are really comfortable together in every-day life, it’s easy to forget that cultures are different. When something that isn’t part of your everyday life happens, like a visit to the hospital or trying to use a government service, that’s when differences can become most apparent. We live in UK so I know the system very well, I have expectations of what is good and bad about it and I deal with it. Amy is often experiencing the annoying aspects of dealing with a different system for the first time and I can see it is frustrating for her. When I visit Korea, I don’t really feel this as I’m only there for a short time.
Amy: In Korea, customer service is very fast and polite and it's not like that in the UK. Often people have an excuse for why something is done badly. I complain sometimes to my partner but he doesn't always understand.
4. Share the best thing or things that you realized when you living or dating some one from different culture?
John: It’s really funny when Amy tells me new Korean metaphors and phases. I really enjoy cooking so it’s fun to try making Korean dishes, especially if Amy is missing Korean food, like making seaweed soup on her birthday, which is a traditional Korean thing to do. We always have some interesting comparisons to make about our two cultures.
Amy: In Korea men don't really work in the household and they expect women need to do everything, much more than men, even if they also have a job. The UK is not like that at all, John does more than me at home even! Also when we go to parent's-in-law's house, in Korea we have to work really cooking and dong whatever they ask. In the UK, they are much more kind and just treat you like a daughter. John is very sweet, he always shows how much he loves me so I can feel loved, lots of Korean guys don't show their emotions so much.
5. If you married a person from different culture, what is the most difficult thing happen to you in your daily life? also what is the best thing happen to you?
John: Difficulties are that sometimes I have to be really clear about what language I use. I have to avoid cultural references from a long time ago.
Amy: It's hard for me to speak English all the time, sometimes I can't express my thoughts and feelings properly so that's difficult.
6. What are the advices you would give to the people who is dating some one from different culture or the mix culture couples out there?

John: Try to be relaxed about the way you normally do even small things in your previous life. You will adopt new habits for your home-life, cooking etc that not only are more like your partner’s individual personality, but also your partner’s culture. You have to be open to change and try new foods. You should be prepared to travel to your partner’s country at least once a year. It’s important to help maintain your partner’s family and friend relationships and meet new great people yourself. Be enthusiastic about studying the language, even if you can only manage a little. Your partner is in a different culture, which can be isolating and lonely sometimes. Make sure they know you are always with them, always love them and that your are their rock that they can always depend on.
Amy: Don't have a lot of expectations about what the culture is like. Even though your husband tries to look after you, sometimes you mig
ht feel lonely. Try to make friends and find hobbies that make you happy in your new life. With a different culture, always try your best not to misunderstand each other. Listen more carefully than you did before.
Thanks to John and Amy, after reading your story, I can really relate to Amy. Yes, make new friends and find new hobbies that definetly help you to live in a new place. Relationship is a two way street, we both need to work together and change certain things in our old ways. May all the mix culture couples and family had a great weekend.
Please comment and share to your friends. Please contact us for permission of using any pictures and story. Thank you.

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