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5 Reasons I started Beiby Bamboo Matching Outfits

Whenever you started doing something important in your life, either you would ask yourself or other people will ask you, why you choose this one, not the other business.
I was not planning on adding a blog on my website when I first started building my website. But after I ran the website for over 3 weeks, I started to feel that I might owe the audience an explanation of why I started Beiby Bamboo Matching Outfits instead of some other business ideas.
Being a mom was always a part of my plan, now I got two precious girls. I love them to death. But what I did not realize was how much you need to sacrifice to raise the kids by yourself when you do have much help around, I also did not realize that how much it could affect my career. I was a full time mom for last 4 years. I know what I chose was best for the family and the kids. But I was always trying to figure something out that could balance every aspect in my life. I started to thinking about choosing a business model that can fulfill what is really important to me.

Beiby comes from my two daughters' name, "Beilynn" and "Ruby". They are half Chinese, half American. The key point of the business I want to run is I can spend time with my girls. Especially the first 3 years, it is very important to make sure they have a solid healthy mental foundation. Their bodies and brains are all develop the fastest at those 3 years. I think I am doing my kids a big favor by making sure they are both mentally and physical healthy, to build a good foundation for their later adult life. Beiby Bamboo allows me to continuously spend time with my girls and get them involved in my business, to learn something they never experienced in their life.

Second, I have been asking myself this questions for last decade. What is my purpose of my life? Who am I? What influence I can make? Well, I know I like to help people, I am an extrovert person, I like to help people become happier and healthier. To me, start your own business is nothing different than you pregnant with your own child, except normally you wont be able you choose the gender of the baby. Beiby Bamboo is like my third child, I use all I have to make it alive to fulfill what she suppose to fulfill.
Third, I wanted to find something that I could use my previous experience, also I can keep learning new things. From the second I had a sparkle of establishing Beiby Bamboo to finish the website, order the clothing, building social media marketing platform. I used my previous sales and marketing experience, I used my passion of doing what I am loving, also I learned so many things about social media marketing, I would spend few hours just to figure out how to add certain tags or tools to my website. I feel the pain of designing something you really want but it just wont turn out the way you want.
Last but not the least, I want to offer an platform for the kids and parents to interact with. I know there are so many mom out there just like me. We care about early education, we want to do more activities with our kids, we want to encourage our kids to try new things. Beiby Bamboo will design a series of activities that offer the chance for both kids and parents to participant. Like family runways, baby designers and so on. The purpose of these events are build their self-confidence, self-esteem and recognition.
I could find more reasons why I wanted start Beiby Bamboo not other business right now. But these 5 are the main reasons why I think Beiby Bamboo is the best fit for my situation right now.
What are some business ideas you have right now? How you balance your work and family life? Please share your thoughts and comment on the post.
Fourth, I want to work on a business that can deliver important messages in this fast paced life style . Beiby Bamboo is not just a baby and kids clothing store. Beiby Bamboo is a voice of the people who are constantly searching their soul matches no matter where they from, what language they speak, what skin color they are. I am myself is the representative of this group of people. I am Chinese, I came to United States in 2010, I met my husband in Saginaw Michigan, We had our first child in 2014, and second one in 2016. We want to hear more of this kind of stories of how they find their soul mate, how they started their families. The models of Beiby Babmoo will mostly come from these mixed families or those family that open for different cultures.

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