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Brand Rep Terms & Conditions

Beiby Bamboo Brand Reps

Beiby Bamboo Matching Outfits

Brand Rep Terms & Conditions


By becoming a Beiby Bamboo Matching Outfits Brand Rep you agree to the Terms & Conditions below:

Due to the sizes we are carrying in the store, the age group for Brand Rep we are looking for is from 18M to 8 Years old. Beiby Bamboo is also a platform for mix culture families and kids, so if you are a mix culture family or have kids has different culture background as you(through adoption), you are very welcome to apply. 

The Contract Period

The Brand Rep will be involved for a period of 3 months. Unless stated otherwise and if both parties are wanting to continue the contract after this period, the below terms and conditions still stand on a continuing contract.

What’s Involved as A Brand Rep:

– Genuine enthusiasm and love for the products and brand shown in comments on Instagram;

– Actively searches Beiby Bamboo Matching Outfits and associated hashtags. Comments on other people’s photos of their little ones in Beiby Bamboo Matching Ouftfits products;

– Scrolls through our comments feed and answers any questions about the brand we may have missed;

– Checks on our comments regularly to make sure nothing/none is over looked, and everyone has been responded to;

– Tests products and gives helpful advice on fittings and styles;

– Promotes the brand on your own social media through photography (Instagram:@beibybamboomatchingoutfits, Facebook: @beibybamboomatchingoutfits ) and in general;

– Represents our brand in public;

– Beiby Bamboo Matching Outfits has the right to use these photographs without permission each time on their social media accounts also.

What The Brand Rep Gets In Return

– You will receive 1-2 items per month in exchange for professional, high quality photographs. We prefer for photos to be professionally edited with a natural element.

–Photos must be posted/submitted within 1 week of receiving the item(s).

– 30% discount for all their friends and family.

– The first to get the ENTIRE range of all new seasons and styles.

– Our unwavering support in anything and everything you need.

– Our help in growing your own feed and platforms.

– Lots of love and appreciation

End Contract

We have the right to withdraw you from the contract anytime, without question if we find you are not abiding by the terms and conditions.


Please email us the following information.

By providing this information, you have agreed to the terms above.



Brand Rep’s Name:______________________________

Brand Rep’s Birthdate: ___________________________

Brand Rep’s Shirt Size:___________________________


Brand Rep’s Shipping Address: ____________________________________




Brand Rep’s Instagram Handle: __________________________________


Parent/Guardian’s Name: __________________________________________


Parent/Guardian’s Email: __________________________________________

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