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Congratulations To Maleaemma- Beiby Bamboo Brand Rep

If you are a big fan of @lagalaxy, if you were at the Stubhub Center for the La Galaxy game against the Seattle Sounders 2 days ago. You might get shocked by @Maleaemma, a 7-year-old anthem singer who performed "The Star-Spangled Banner" to morn than 25,000 Major League Soccer fans at LA's StubHub Center?You might wondering who is this Malea emma? 

maleaemma at LAGALAXY

Malea won a contest on social media to perform the national anthem ahead of a Los Angeles Galaxy game.#GalaxySocial 

Maleaemma in "Be Awesome Today"

We got to know Malea back to this spring, when we were looking for brand reps, we came across her Instagram account @Maleamma, the first thing we noticed was her singing, she has such a powerful voice, with her body language, you cannot move your attention away from her. 

Maleaemma Tassel Dress

Malea is Indonesian American, both her parents are from Indonesian, but they are the descents of China. Malea is trilingual (English, Indonesian and Chinese), and she is currently enrolled in a Chinese Immersion School for 2nd Grade.

Maleaemma in Blue Beach Dress

As I am from China, my girls are half Chinese, I was super excited to have Malea to be our brand rep, because big part of Beiby Bamboo is to encourage the families that matched from different cultures to understand each other better and spread the good will to the world. 

Maleaemma in Gold Princess Dress

In the last 5 months, we had great cooperation. Malea was in some of our matching outfits. She always very confident, very stylish in any outfits. We are so glad she is our brand rep. 

Maleaemma in Chinese outfit

To know more details about Malea, you can read here. Or you can go to her website at to see her dance, singing and other fashion performance. 



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