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Beiby Bamboo Launches “Little Red Heart” Matching Outfits- So You Can Twin All Autumn

Twinning is big with celebrity mums and their kids, browsing Instagram you see all those big celerity and influencer wearing matching outfits,(@sav.labrant @happygraylucky), but for regular mums and their little ones, sometimes its little bit hard to choose the right outfits to go with our daily dress style.

     Little Red Heart Beanies

But that’s where Beiby Bamboo come in. As a full time mom with two mixed girls. All the matching outfits need to fit the daily needs, but also added the fashion elements to bright up our motherhood.

Little Red Heart Family Matching

We just launched “Little Red Heart” Family Matching Collection, the 9-piece collection is Beiby Bamboo Exclusive, and is just what mums with toddlers need if they want to twin while still looking cute and cool.  

The range features “Little Red Heart” couple matching T-shirt and hoodies, couple matching beanies, family matching sweaters with choices of with or without hoodies, and other cute accessories along with the clothing. “Little Red Heart” matching collection is designed to fit for mum and toddler while being simultaneously classy and playful.

Beiby Bamboo wanted to offer you a twining collection that trendy but functional for daily requirements. As it is hard to find special color and design for both couple and family twining needs, we use the basic black, white and red for the whole collection, so it is easy to match and cool to wear.

Beiby Little Red Heart


We had a big brainstorm and went through our favorite mum and daughter looks and we both loved “little red heart” that small but powerful, red pop up easily on white and black background, we choose embroidery technique for little red heart to differ the uniqueness of the collection.

The collection is available now, and the prices range from a very reasonable $12 to $45 for the clothes and accessories, which include everything from T-shirt to two-pieces to hoodies.

You can click the link below to check the whole collection. Wish Little Red Heart can bring you more love and joy in the holiday season. 


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