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Mariah- Beiby Bamboo Brand Rep

She is our 4 years old Brand Rep from CA, and will appear on our social media quite often.
Mariah has such an amazing personality. She is like a little magnet. Everyone is drawn to her.
Her smile is something you can't resist, at least that what happen to me. I just love when she laughs, you can just feel her happy soul is just talking to you.
Education is something that's very important to her mother Ginnette. At age of 1, she already knew all her abc's and could sound out every letter. She also knew her colors and numbers up to 10.
By age 2, she was starting to read words, she could complete simple math problems, like counting the objects and picking the correct numbers. She was already writing her fist and last name.
By age 3, she was reading sentences.
Now at age 4, she is already doing addition and subtraction.
What an amazing gifted little girl. She loves playing with her Barbie Dolls and her dog Honey. There has always been something amazing about Mariah. At 4 months old her father Mark started calling her "Mariah the Movie Star".
I was so attracted to Mariah's smile, and was really happy that she could be part of Beiby Bamboo Team, "Matching Your Smile" is exactly what our outfits are trying to make you feel like.
If you have a happy kid who happens love to share his or her smile to everyone, we welcome you to join our Beiby Family. Please email me at: for the specific Brand Rep Terms & Conditions. Please go on our website and find information under the Brand Rep section.
We are so excited and would like to introduce to you -Mariah Tavares.

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