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Beiby Bamboo's New Year Resolutions

Beiby Bamboo is born on 3rd, Dec 2017. She will be one month old in 2 days. Yet she is still new born baby. But she knows she born for a reason, for a purpose. At the first day of 2018, we would like to share the resolutions we made for Beiby Bamboo this year.
No.1 Encourage the mix culture families to share their stories of how they find their soul match and how they conquer the difficulties under different culture influences, different languages, to empower those still seeking true matches of their lives.
No.2 Encourage the families that adopted babies from different cultures to share their stories of how and why they choose to adopt babies from different cultures.
No.3 Beiby Bamboo Matching Outfits is going to recruit baby models from 18M old up to 8years old boys and girls. If the moms and dads interested in showing in front of the camera too, we are really welcome you do that.
No.4 Beiby Bamboo is going to have a official boutique display place in Prime Cut Hair Design in March, 2018. Currently we are doing some pre-displays!
No.5 Beiby Bamboo is going to host a family Runway on her 1 year old birthday. We will choose the families that participated in our events and the baby models we picked through out the year to represent Beiby Bamboo to celebrate her 1 year old birthday.
Beiby Bamboo is a platform for those mix-culture families and mix-culture babies to share their unique stories to empower the individuals and families that open their arms to welcome to understand to love the one you choose for your life.
Dear readers, is your spouse come from different country? or are you dating some one from different culture? where is he/she come from? Would you like to share your story to encourage others who still seeking their true matches? Please comment on my post to share your thoughts or contact Beiby Bamboo if you would like to share your personal stories. Thank you!
Happy New Year!

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