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🎁Still need more ideas for his gift? We have more for you! 😍

Hope you liked our last post about the engraved wooden watch and engraved pocket watch in our personalized gift collection. If your guy is not a watch person, then he might need to carry a wallet with him or he must need a keychain for his car key or house keys. 

We are trying to provide gifts that are unique and thoughtful, just like every person is special. There are 6 variants for you to choose from, from mom dad to son, from wife to husband, girl friend to boyfriend, and last not least is to children to dad. As they are engraved pieces that according to your choices, there is no second item is as same as yours.  


Made from high quality Crazy Horse Leather, our engraved card wallet carries your cards and cash, yet remains as thin in your pocket as your smartphone. No more overstuffed jeans. Not only a wallet but also a fashion accessory with meaningful quote engraved on that makes everything easier!

Our wallets have been tested for 13.56 MHz Frequency in which our credit cards, debit cards, driver license and ID cards operate. This keeps your vital information in driver license, debit cards and credit cards from being stolen.

The next two items we would like to share with you are the love saying keychain and the calendar keychain. The love saying keychain allows you to customize your own sayings to engrave on this keychain, and the calendar one is even special, engrave your special date on it, if your loved ones birthday is coming up or anniversary date is approaching, along with the engraved wooden watch, plus the engraved front pocket watch and one of these keychain would make the special day even more special. For the cool part is, you can make two of them with different date and sayings on the calendar keychain, so you both have one special keychain from each other. 

If you have a son who is going to graduate from high school or college soon, this gift set could be a special gift from parents. The day comes, they gonna go on their own journey, as parents we love to see them grow bigger and stronger, but that also means you have less time with them. Those engraved gifts help you to create meaningful messages and send them with a blessing along with their own journey ahead of them. 

If you have little ones around in your life right now, have them to think of something they want to tell their dad or grandma or grandpa, then engrave on those keychains, what a sweet gift from your kids!

Engraved pocket watch

Finding the right gift could get a little bit frustrating and overwhelming, last minute shopping usually does not turn out very good. Start early and design your own gift for your loved ones, so you can enjoy every moment of holiday time without stress yourself out. 

Engraved wooden watch

Next post will be the gift ideas for women, as a mom of two girls, I have lots to share. Please do keep in mind, as all these gifts are personalized, we would encourage you to order early so we can make sure it gets to your place on time for the holiday season. 

If you have any questions, please reach us by email:, or message us on our website page, or you can find us on facebook page: beibybamboo, we usually get back to you within an hour. 

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