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  • Beiby Models Terms & Conditions

    Beiby Bamboo Matching Outfits Beiby Models Terms & Conditions ​ Are you ready to have your little ones to try out some latest outfits? Do you...
  • Brand Rep Terms & Conditions

    Beiby Bamboo Matching Outfits Brand Rep Terms & Conditions   By becoming a Beiby Bamboo Matching Outfits Brand Rep you agree to the Terms &am...
  • New Product Release-Beiby Bamboo Felt Letter Board

    Beiby Bamboo Felt Letter Board – Oak Wooden Letter Board – 10x10 inch Letter Board – With Carry Bag Included – Black Display Stand Letter Board – 290 Letters and 45 Emojis– Perfect Present


  • Welcome Ella-Beiby Bamboo Brand Rep

    We are thrilled and would like to introduce to you -Ella Madison. She is our youngest brand rep so far, 19 months old girl from New York, and will appear on our social media quite often. Her round big eyes with her cutest smile on her face got my heart. I love her happiness and the content in her personality. Approaching 2 years old, Ella starts to show her own personality. With a love for dogs( "huff huffs") and Mickey Mouse she is usually smiling, happy and laughing for the cameras.In only a
  • Malea- Beiby Bamboo Brand Rep

    We are thrilled and would like to introduce to you -Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja. She is our 6 years old Brand Rep from CA, and will appear on our social media quite often. Passionate, talented, fashionable and international is the impression I have after I get to know her and her family more. Malea is Indonesian American, both her parents are from Indonesian, but they are the decents of China. Malea is trilingual (English, Indonesian and Chinese), and she is currently enrolled in a Chinese
  • Cambodia, China, USA! A Mixed Culture Story Shared By Miss "N" From Michigan, USA.

    First, I need to apologize to all of those who really support and care for Beiby Bamboo. It has been a few busy months for us. As a mompreneur, I typically feel like there isn't enough time to do what I really want to do, but accomplish what is most important to me. As a Mixed Culture family, it seems certain parts of our unique life contain more objectives for us to conquer. I am so glad that my friend Miss "N," is willing to share her story with Beiby Bamboo. It takes some courage to share
  • Mariah- Beiby Bamboo Brand Rep

    We are so excited and would like to introduce to you -Mariah Tavares.She is our 4 years old Brand Rep from CA, and will appear on our social media quite often. Mariah has such an amazing personality. She is like a little magnet. Everyone is drawn to her.Her smile is something you can't resist, at least that what happen to me. I just love when she laughs, you can just feel her happy soul is just talking to you. Education is something that's very important to her mother Ginnette. At age of 1, she
  • Beiby Bamboo On TCCA Chinese New Year Celebration Party!

    It was a great honor to be able to wish all the Chinese people in Tri-city area a happy new year through TCCA's Chines New Year Celebration Party! Thanks TCCA for the great opportunity. Both the reunion dinner and performance were amazing. During the performance, Beiby Bamboo got some time to promote the business and to draw 3 prizes for the audience.
  • Beiby Model-Beiby Bamboo's 3rd Announcement

    Are you ready to have your little ones to try out some latest outfits?Do you want to enjoy exclusive family and friend's discount in our store?Would like some cute baby pictures from our photographer?Due to the sizes we are carrying in the store, the age group for Beiby Models we are looking for is from 18M to 8 Years old.
  • Beiby Bamboo's 2nd Announcement-Brand Rep

    It has been a while since I post the last article. Hope January treated you well. There are few major things happened in January for Beiby Bamboo. We had our first mix culture story shared by my friend and his wife from UK. We are going to set up a brand new studio for local baby model photo shooting. Today, we would like to announce another update from Beiby Bamboo- Brand Representative!
  • Valentine's Day Outfits are Available IN-STORE Now!

    After Christmas and New Year Celebration, you might made your New Year Resolutions, and somehow, we can really think about what we want to achieve this new year. It is the very beginning of the year, we have lots time to make plans and make things happen. But you know what, its only 34 days to Valentine's day. One of the most romantic day of the year. The day you want to show your love in a different, remarkable way to the loved ones in your life.
  • Beiby Bamboo's 1st Big Announcement in 2018

    Hope you all had a great time celebrating Christmas and New Year with your family and friends! I hope some of you did your 2018 Resolutions as well! Today I am going to make one of Beiby Bamboo's New Year Resolution happen today. As I mentioned, Beiby Bamboo is a platform for the mix culture couples or families to share their stories of how they met, what are the best things or difficulties you learnt or acknowledged from people has different culture background, thus to empower those people who