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💖Special Watch Collections For Your Forever Baby Boy!

Don’t you feel your baby boy or baby girl suddenly grow up to a young adult so fast?

Yesterday they were calling you “mommy, mommy” for 10 times in a row, today, they might call you once a week, or they are in Army or foreigner countries, the chance for you to see them is very rare.

No matter how big they grow, they will always be your babies.

 always here for you from mom to son engraved wooden watch

At Beiby Bamboo, we do understand how you feel, beiby is my two girls name, I started this company at the first place was creating a memorable platform for them. In the last two years, I personally witnessed their growth; they amazed me in so many different ways. I also created some jewelry based on their creative art works.

engraved name necklace

As a family business, we would like to help you create those beautiful memories between you and your kids by offering personalized gifts.

What would you like to say to you son? Encourage them, assure them, adore them or motivate them?

 believe in you wooden watch

Or would you like to write something from scratch to engrave on those watches?

always in my heart engraved metal wrist watch

We just added the engraved metal wrist watch for you to choose.

 engraved metal wrist watch from Mom to son

More styles please check our Mom To Son Collection or Dad to Son Collection

Question about personalization time? We usually get back to you with the design in less than one business day for you to confirm, then ship out in another business, you then can expect this personalized wooden watch arrive to you place in 7-10 business days.


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