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Top 4 Engraved Notebooks From Grandma To Granddaughter 2019 Christmas Gift Ideas

Do you have a lovely granddaughter who love drawing or writing? Or you wanted to leave them some memorable gift for them to remember that you will always with them?

At Beiby Bamboo, we selected those engraved notebooks for you from our best seller and most popular notebooks, hope this will help to choose your favorite one or ones for your granddaughters. 

No.1 Grandma/pa To Granddaughter- I will always be with you engraved notebook. 

Instead of have Love, Grandma or Love Grandpa at the end of the sayings, this notebook loved by both grandmas and grandpas. 


No.2 Grandma To Granddaughter- I will always be with you engraved notebook.

This is one of our top seller, different from the first notebook, this one has the same wording but different design, made it more fun and cool to give to your granddaughter. 


No.3 Grandma To Granddaughter- The best thing that ever happen to me engraved notebook.

Aren't you always telling them that? And yes, they are the best thing that ever happen to you. Very touch and true. 


No.4 Grandma To Granddaughter- I will always be with you

The simple and short version of NO. 1 And No.2 Notebook, sometimes less word means more, if you want keep it classic and sweet, this is to go notebook. 



All the notebooks above are eligible for 3-5 days domestic shipping, if you still looking for Christmas gift for your granddaughter, it is the best time to choose one above. 


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