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About Owner

I am Gina, the owner and main manager of Beiby Bamboo. As a mom and wife who’s running her own business along with the necessary day to day duties, it’s been quite an uphill battle for me to get where I am today. #momlife 

My journey began 5years ago when I moved back from China and had my first baby girl, Bei. Having a child changed my life in so many ways. It changed the way how I looked at things and also had a profound effect on my life. It led to me thinking hard about my place in the world and what I wanted to do with my life.

After much thought, the answer I came to was helping people all over the world and making them happier and healthier.  I did find out my purpose but I saw no way of going about it and doing what I wanted to do. I was at a loss and I had to endure a lot of pain and mental suffering due to my inability to find what I was searching for.

I had another daughter-Ruby before I finally found what I could do. When she was just little bit over 1.5 years old. I went back to China for 2 weeks. After returning from China, I got the idea of building this Matching Outfits store. I love to be able to watch them grow, especially the first 5-6 years of their life. This whole business idea is about combining the responsibility of being a full time mom who love to take pictures, love STEM method, love fashion; and the purpose I want to fulfill as an individual human being which is help people to be happier and healthier.  Beiby Bamboo Matching Outfits officially launched on Dec 3rd 2017. Beiby comes from the names of my daughters, Bei and Ruby, and I wish to provide services as its familial name. And since I’m a Chinese girl married to an American guy, a matched marriage, helping people match their outfits was my idea for helping them.

sibling matching
The message I want to get across to people is: "No matter who you are, where you from, and what language you speak, you’ll find the person that matches you perfectly". Beiby Bamboo is what allows me to tell the world just that.

My journey starts from Beiby Bamboo Matching Outfits, and rest of that, I am just gonna try my best and embrace every moment of this journey leads me to be.