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About Us

Welcome to Beiby Bamboo!

Beiby Bamboo Personalized Gift is a part of Beiby Bamboo LLC, Beiby Bamboo LLC founded on Dec 3rd, 2017 focus on offering unique memorable gift for your family members. 

Who We Are And Why We Started Beiby Bamboo?

Beiby Bamboo Matching Outfits is an outlet that aims to bring people the advice and counsel they need to have more fun with how they live. The idea for Beiby Bamboo comes from a desire to help people with their everyday lives and give them the chance to enhance their lifestyle. Created by a mother and named after her two daughters, Beiby is a place that aims to bring the concept of familial affection and spread an idea of good will.
 Beiby Bamboo
Starting off as a blog that gave advice to other moms about matching outfits that they could wear on any day. Beginning operations in December 3rd 2017, Beiby Bamboo stayed true to giving advice to moms all around about the outfits that suit their daily activities. Pretty soon, it became apparent that the advice and guidance that could be given to moms was actually far more than just matching outfits.

Happy to say, Beiby Bamboo is not just a matching outfit center anymore. We have now four other main areas of operation:

  • Beiby Bamboo Matching Outfits                                                                 

Born out of the idea that no matter who you may be, you will find the partner that matches you comes Beiby Bamboo’s starting service; helping moms match the best outfits for the day.  We offer family matching outfits, mommy and baby matching outfits, father and baby matching outfits, along with special holiday matching outfits, such as xmas and valentine's day. 

  • Beiby Bamboo Personalized Gifts  (August 2018)
Find special gift for your very loved family and friends. From engraved watch, pocket watch, to engraved pocket wallet; personalized keychain, customized name earring and necklace. Its all unique and perfect gifts for him or her. We started with gift for men, then to women, even to babies Collection. 
  • Beiby Bamboo Learning Center    
Learn what we personally use in our home projects and possibly educate yourself about a number of things related to daily domestic life as a family.
  • Beiby Bamboo Fashion Mom Gears and Blog                                          
Some fantastic products to ensure a healthier and happier lifestyle for yourself along with some great information on our blog.

In the future, Beiby Bamboo aims to bring its services to a greater number of moms all over the world. We wish to build a relationship with our clients and fulfill the reason for which Beiby Bamboo was created; helping people everywhere and making them happy.

The Timeline of Beiby Bamboo

  • Dec 3rd, Launched, Beiby Bamboo facebook page launched
  • Dec 24th, Beiby Blog Officially Launched
  • April 25th, First Beiby Rep featured on the website
  • June 20th, Beiby Letter Board Officially Launched
  • June 23rd, Beiby Bamboo Store Launched
  • July 5th, Beiby Bamboo Learning Center Launched
  • August 3rd, Beiby Bamboo Personalized Gifts Collection Launched 

What We Do

At Beiby Bamboo, we currently have:
Beiby Bamboo Matching Outfits:
  1. Beiby Bamboo Matching outfits: Cool and Trendy Family Matching outfits, Mommy and Baby Matching Outfits, Sibling Matching Outfits
  2. Beiby Bamboo Learning Center: Steam Activities, Books and Learning tools
  3. Beiby Bamboo Fashion Mom Life: Mom Shirts, Cool mom gears, Women empower blogs
  4. Beiby Bamboo Blog: Company News, Beiby Brand Rep, Beiby Models, Story Sharing

Beiby Bamboo Personalized Gifts:

  1. Wooden Leather Engraved Wooden Watch
  2. Wooden Leather Engraved Blue Second Wooden Watch
  3. Ebony Wooden Watch
  4. Maple Wood Engraved Wooden Watch
  5. Personalized Name Necklace, rings, earrings and bracelets
  6. Pocket Wallet and Pocket Watch
  7. Personalized Plant Pot
  8. Engraved Baseball, Tumbler

Where You Can Find Us

  • For all the matching outfits, kids learning tools and mom gears you can purchase on
  • For personalized gifts, you can find on
  • For all the company news, Beiby Brand Rep and Beiby Learning activities and book list, story sharing you can find on our Beiby Bamboo Blog 
  • For all the recommendations in our blog that Beiby Bamboo does not carry, we will connect the item with Amazon Market Place in our Beiby Blog. 
Meanwhile, you can find us on
  • For Matching Outfits, please follow us on Instagram: Beibybamboo
  • For Personalized Gifts, please follow us on Instagram: Beiby_gift
You can reach us at for all the questions, concerns, collaborations and other inquires. We will get back to you in LESS THAN 24 HOURS. 
Contact us through page messenger usually the fastest way to reach us, we usually get back to you in few minutes. 
Business Phone Number
You can reach us by (989)372-0810 if you want to talk to us right away. But do not hesitate to use other communication tools if you can not reach us right away. You can contact us through Facebook, Instagram, Message or Email. 
Gina Voorheis
Owner and Founder of Beiby Bamboo