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Use Etsy Platform Creates Passive Income Program

Welcome to use Etsy to generate passive income project!!

Thank you for your interests in this project. I birthed this project to support those who need a little bit financial support in their life right now, so they can focus on their soul medicine. If you would like to know a little bit about me and my intention for this project, please watch the video below, or you can skip to next part.

Before we dive into how to set up, what are some product available, I would like you watch those videos to feel out whether you are a good fit for this program. 

Please DO NOT SKIP this video. After working with first 12 stores, there are some requirements for this project, please watch this video before you apply for this project. 

How do you feel so far after watching the video above?

If you feel you might not a good fit, DO NOT close this page yet, we have referral policy for those who's life style current does not fit for this program, but you know someone could benefit from, please skip to the end of this page and watch the referral videos, for each packages you could get instant reward and constant reward. Sounds like a great deal, right? 

Curious? Great, skip to the end of this page and check that video out. 

If you still reading this line, congrats!! 

Lets talk about why we choose Etsy this platform to create the passive income. 

Hope the video above made lots sense!! haha 


Next part will be the service I am providing regarding to how to support you in this Etsy journey, there are 2 parts of the services. 

PART 1, is for those who already started their Etsy but need some feedback and consulting on how to improve the sales and store front, or for those who prefer use their own products and just need general consulting from me.

Below is the service I provide for those fellows, if you are not in this category, please skip to next video. 

PART 2, is for those want to start Etsy from scratch and would like to use the products I am offering for your store product. 

This is the video you want to watch :)

All right, I know this is a long page...

Next part is how you APPLY this program. 

This is a fun project, but I also would like to invite you to treat it as your business partner, he helps you to generate income, you might want to create a health relationship with him, and it starts with the application. 

Hope this does not scare you away. haha.

So far so good?

If you are ready, then please check our Moon Package, Star package and Sun package to start the process. 

But, it's not over yet. 

If you have someone in your mind think he or she might a good fit, this is the referral policy you might want to watch.

 All right, thanks for reading and watching all the videos. :) 

By now, I hope all the information will lead you to the package that calling your name. 

I you have any questions please reach out to me at, or if you sign up any package, please add my WhatsApp for future communication. 

Thank you!

Gina V